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Why e-NRG Bioethanol?

The best fuel

e-NRG was born out of the necessity of delivering a fuel which was specifically packaged and labelled to be 'fit for purpose' and safe for use in liquid ethanol fireplaces. We found that while ethanol manufacturers were happy to market their fuel for use in this type of appliance, none of them addressed the precautions or appropriately educated their customers to mitigate the risks associated with flammable liquids and open flames.

e-NRG not only educates users of the hazards to be aware of when fuelling an ethanol fireplace it also incorporates multiple layers of safety with the inclusion of a flame arrester which eliminates the risks associated with flashbacks.

Why e-NRG?

Formulated for use in ventless ethanol fireplaces, e-NRG is the cleanest, most efficient liquid bioethanol fuel on the market and produces the best flame each and every time.

Natural source

e-NRG is a renewable energy source distilled from plant by-products.

Green energy

e-NRG produces no harmful emissions - just heat, steam, and carbon dioxide.

Natural fuel source
Green Energy
Maximum fireplace safety

Maximum safety

Built-in flame arrester, simple operating procedures and accessories that allow for safe and easy fireplace refueling.

Efficient fuel source

Efficient fuel source

Because e-NRG requires no venting it is an incredibly efficient fuel source. Never lose heat up a chimney or flue again!

Fireplace design flexibility

Design flexibility

An ideal fuel source for discerning designers seeking ultimate fire design flexibility because no hard utilities are required.

The science of ethanol

Bioethanol is pure alcohol. The combustion of bioethanol is clean which makes it an efficient and effective source of heat because there is no soot, ash or harmful emissions that need to be extracted through a flue - meaning all the heat stays in your room.

Natural, renewable, green

Behind our stylish façade is a sophisticated combustion system that uses the cleanest, most efficient fuel source on the market: bioethanol. Bioethanol is the fuel of the future, today. And its evolution has been remarkable.

Efficient green energy

Because the combustion of bioethanol is clean you can lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in the room. That's what makes burning bioethanol fuel so efficient and effective.

7 benefits of EcoSmart ethanol fires:

  • Low-cost, easy installation: ethanol fireplaces don’t require a flue or vent, connection to gas or electricity by a licensed plumber or electrician, nor do they need insulation.
  • Less heat loss: there’s no chimney flue, which means heat stays in the room.
  • Low-cost maintenance: no regular servicing required or parts that need repairing or replacing, and no ash or soot to clean up.
  • Clean-burning, sustainable fuel that’s kinder to the environment.
  • Endless residential and commercial design flexibility, with myriad ventless EcoSmart Fire options.
  • A longer burning time than gas or wood.
  • Certified and US industry standards compliant.

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